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Become a commonwealth of sons of God having impact in regions and nations

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The Mandate

The Mandate

God made man in his own image, however man has made other gods in his own image, but Christ has come to remake Man in the image of God.

Men and women are recreated when they are translated from the spiritual tribe of Adam into the Tribe of Christ. Those of us who belong to King Jesus now need to find ourselves and become his nation together.

– Eugene Bayo Ajayi

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Asides from working alongside several missions we also have events where we reach out to men and women in society and promote Christ’s character with the purpose of developing a kingdom culture

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Capacity Development

In other to foster growth and development among KingTribes we have the KingsTribe Knigting Tables and KingsTribe Nuture Spas for the KingsMan and KingsWoman respectively. These are small cell groups focused on spiritual, mental and career growth. As a Kingstibe you must belong to a cell group. This will ensure your daily growth and also develop a strong sense of community among other KingsMan and KingsWoman as the case may be.

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