KingsFamily Code

Synergy | Development | Impact

“The Family lost its way in Eden, today, the Family is God’s way back to Eden ” is a catchphrase popular amongst the Kings-Family.

Every Family that is in Christ will have a KingsMan and KingsWoman desiring to be like Him in every way and please him by reflecting him through their marriage and through their growth as individuals, the man as a representative of Christ and the woman as his ekklesia.

The Kings-Family realise that focus and effort are required to attain and maintain growth as well as in perfecting ourselves as families and becoming ONE as the Lord required in Eden.

To ensure that every Family has the opportunity to achieve this, we set the standard for ourselves through the Kings-Family Code.

The Kings-Family Code provides a clear pathway for families to aspire and lead a life consistent with the principles and values of Christ with others families. This is a basic requirement, because if we are to REPRESENT him in this world, we must BE like HIM!


A KingsFamily must have synergy with Christ, one another and Christ’s purpose for the Family.

The themes of family centre around perfect synergy. To attain oneness with each other requires that we attain oneness first with Jesus Christ in devotion and dedication. DEVOTION and DEDICATION to Christ, His Character, Culture, Cause and Commission. The Kings-Family therefore first of all commits to each party practicing EVERY aspect the devotion and dedication code as men and women, with the rest of the KingsMan & KingsWoman Code.

i. The KingsFamily will be devoted to the culture, commission and cause of Christ as itemised in the KingsMan and KingsWoman code, (we expect that if they are abiding by the codes, they would be developing character too)

ii. Culture is particularly important for each Kings-Family to live by because the culture of the family reflects the society and predicts its future. The Kings-Family is committed to only one culture – the culture of Christ and will create an environment intentionally within the home and the King’s Tribe where the King’s Culture prevails.

iii. The Kings-Family (husband and wife) will develop a joint relationship in the corporation of the marriage with Christ and devote the whole entity to him and commit to live by his rules in the marriage and to use the marriage to further his purposes and not thier their own ideas and ideals.

The KingsFamily Family will develop a practice that fosters and maintains this synergy and also find a way to build community with other families who live by the same principles.

They will dedicate time, and effort to have a soul level synergy that helps their persons, personalities and personas to converge in understanding and purpose.

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The KingsFamily wraps their whole life around fulfilling a God defined purpose in partnership. The KingsFamily Will commit to developing ONEness with one another in their VISION for the marriage, the VALUES that defines the marriage and the VOCATION of the marriage, this is important, because without this the family will not be able to reflect Christ .

Code – Development

The Kings-Family commits itself to develop itself and its people in every area character, competence, attitudes and motivation to be able, ready and available to perform any duty required of them by Christ, needed by the saints or necessary to their success.

This will involve learning, exposure, experiences and skills development in the social, spiritual, relational, social, intellectual and vocational areas e.g Wealth generation and management.

Code – Impact

The Kings-Family exists for impact, they realise the power of agreement and unity and are constantly labouring and positioning for Impact as a unit and as a community to bring transformation to society.

The Kings-Family must labour to make its impact on the community of saints and position itself through true activities of its members to strengthen Culture, deliver social Impact, improve the commonwealth and grow the kingdom community through participation and partnership.

There are many families that have influence in the world but do not do right with it, the Kings-Family is a powerful agency for Christ, it is the cell of the community.

First it is developed to be strong by itself, then the family grows to nurture others, then it develops supply its quota to the commonwealth of kingdom community. As the families grow together in faith, truth and purpose, we begin to see order restored back to society

All of our activities within the Kings-Family is based on these codes. They define us and keep us on the straight and narrow, it ensures we are connected to our source Christ, to one another in the right way, doing the right things and achieving purpose.